Regeneration Reboiler

A massive Regeneration Reboiler has been delivered to P.J.S.C. Metafrax, one of the most important Russian Chemical Company, to be installed in the new multiproduct chemical complex (Ammonia, Urea, Melamine) located in Gubakha, Perm Region, Russian Federation

Tube side hydrotest

Tube bundle insertion

The main dimensions of the BXU Reboiler are Ø 2300 x 12000 and is assembled with 4600 seamless tubes for a total exchanging surface greater than 2000 m2

The removable tube bundle weighs 33 tons and is equipped with a rolling system to facilitate the insertion and the removal during the maintenance activities

Total weight of the Reboiler 50 tons


  • shell side: Stainless Steel 304L
  • tube side: LTCS/Stainless Steel 304L

The Reboiler has been designed and manufactured according to the Russian Design Code GOST 52630 and successfully tested and certified EAC TR010 and TR032, to be installed within the Eurasian Community

In 2018 OLMAR has delivered to the same fertilizer complex different Items such as Columns, Heat Exchangers and Drums for a total of some twenty components, always ensuring the extremely high level of quality requested by the Client and confirming his leadership in this kind of supply