High Pressure Feedwater Heaters

530 bar is the pressure reached during the hydrostatic test of two High Pressure Feedwater Heaters designed and manufactured by OLMAR, to be installed in the Jorge Lacerda Thermal Powerplant-Brazil where other four HP heat exchangers made by OLMAR are already functioning

The Thermoelectric Complex Jorge Lacerda (TCJL), located in the Santa Catarina State, Brazil, is the largest coal burning thermoelectric complex of Latin America and consists of seven power plants with a total capacity of 832 MWe

Owner Company: Tractebel Energia SA

Facts & Figures:

  • design: P 350 bar / T 510°C
  • materials: SA 387 Gr 11 Cl2 / SA 213 T22
  • 1450 exchanger tubes Ø 16 x 2.3
  • tubesheet thickness 460 mm
  • emispherical head thickness 140 mm
  • design code: ASME VIII Div. 1
  • inspection: LR Insurance - U Stamp