Evaporator/Separator + Washing/Accumulator

With the simultaneous shipment to a chemical plant in Russia of two large pressure vessels OLMAR has completed the supply of over thirty different components, including Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers and Process Columns

Some numbers:

  • built in solid stainless steel for a total weight of over 100 tons
  • special plates more than 17m long
  • entirely traced with 1500 m SS heating coil
  • Ø 56” tangential connection
  • convoy overall dimensions 7 meters in width and almost the same in height
  • 17 vehicles and more than 40 people involved during the transport
  • ASME VIII + GOST certification

The exceptional dimensions of the convoy required a careful transport feasibility study before the awarding of the contract and subsequent start of manufacture
The path to reach the port of Marghera is very complex and goes from Legnano through Piedmont and then towards the river port of Cremona where the pieces have been loaded onto a special barge equipped with additional ballast to pass under the bridges encountered along the navigation on the Po river
During the road section of the journey, in addition to the mandatory technical stocks involved in traffic management, the convoy is followed by teams of technicians with cranes and elevating platforms to remove obstacles (signs, traffic lights, etc.) and subsequent reassembly; the companies Enel, Telecom and FFSS, responsible for the raising / disconnecting of telephone, electric and railway lines, are also involved
To limit traffic inconveniences and disruptions to the various users, the convoy can travel by road only during the night and, moving at an average of 15 km/h, needs about a week to reach the port of Marghera; the pieces then continue the long journey to Russia on a special ship