AXM and AFM Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

OLMAR participates in the construction of the new IREN power plant, the 620 MW giant that will heat North Turin, the most district-heated city in Italy

After the supply of the exchanger for the district heating of the Moncalieri plant (155 tons), the Client confirmed his trust in our company for the supply of the primary district heating exchangers (~100 tons/each) as well as various auxiliary equipment for a total of over 500 tons of steel

Thermodynamic and structural design according to EN13445 / ASME VIII Div. 1 / TEMA / HEI
All equipment has been tested in accordance with the European directive 97/23 CE / PED by Bureau Veritas

  • 1 - tubes to the tubesheets welding phase (over 30,000 weldings performed with automatic TIG process)
  • 2 - tube bundles assembly phase
  • 3 - tube bundle into shell inserting phase
  • 4 - distributor detail prepared for welding
  • 5 - panoramic radiographic control of the expansion joint

In this supply OLMAR was joined by the most important names in the energy sector such as Ansaldo, STF and Franco Tosi who supplied the turbine, boiler and auxiliaries respectively.